Ola learns about the world around her by simply examining its idiosyncrasies and the people that inhabit it. She is fond of capturing culture in unconventional ways, whether it be through aerosol paint-covered walls in urban cities (street art), food markets, live music and everything in between. She can be found rocking a Canon Rebel T5i around her neck or over her shoulder.


Island Foods has been a staple in Toronto’s core, at the edge of the Liberty Village…

Between May 2014 and June 2015, Ola spent time documenting Toronto’s vast Caribbean community by delving into a facet that defines most cultures: food. She produced multimedia feature, Toppa Top 10: Best Caribbean Eats in Toronto for Large Up. Throughout the project, Ola was well fed and connected with many friendly members of the community.

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Osheaga 2015 – Balls away during Charli XCX’s energetic set.

Ola conquered Osheaga for the first time during the civic holiday weekend (July 31 to August 3) at Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The annual music and arts festival celebrated its 10th anniversary with utmost girth by bringing out  some of the most internationally-renowed artists. Amidst the chaos of waiting in long line-ups, running from stage to stage, sneaking in to the VIP media area and sore feet, the park’s natural, tranquil setting offset all for a truly rewarding and memorable experience. In this photo essay, you’ll find some of the moments Ola captured throughout her coverage with BanTOR Radio.

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Sonia Aimy is all about movement; it’s in her voice, performance and modus operandi for life. She is a progressive, innovative artist in an emerging world music scene in Toronto (and abroad!) that blends African, Italian and Canadian culture through her art.

“Con i piedi per terra,” she says. “You are a servant to the earth through your art. Once you understand your purpose – you need to get your in, your purpose. The spirit of the art leads and guides you. The work will speak for itself.”

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Ola is also on the air.

She is half of BanTOR Radio, a bi-weekly podcast focused on sharing diverse music from any time, genre or place, with a little bit of storytelling in between. Based in Toronto, the show also highlights innovators in the local music scene with interviews and multimedia features. Hosted and produced by Nuruddin Qorane and Ola Mazzuca, BanTOR is a weekly podcast where sharing is caring in the name of good music. Each episode delivers:

We begin by spinning a few recently released tracks that have been on heavy rotation in our cranium.
Big names, foreign artists and up-and-comers are featured.

Things get interesting with a selection of songs that focus on a rotating weekly theme. From food and languages to neighbourhoods and soundtrack bangers, we delve into what artists are really trying to evoke in chorus and verse.

Delivering commentary and critique on new album hype and old classics alike. The tracks highlighted may be garbage or gold, but there’s a reason why we’ve labeled them as such. Stick around for a final listen – you might find something you enjoy.

Press play and join us for a little bit of banter.

Want to be on an upcoming episode? Contact BanTOR Radio at

Follow BanTOR Radio on Twitter: @bantor_radio

Photo ©  Ola Mazzuca | Gelato Bidnez | Urbino, Le Marche, Italy | 2011


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