My Story

Ola Mazzuca is a multimedia journalist, publicist and project manager from Toronto.

As a journalist, Ola established her career writing about heavy metal music, and its extreme, obscure sub genres from around the world. In 2011, she traveled to Urbino, Italy to complete the ieiMedia Project with a small team of international students. (Urbino is a UNESCO heritage site and the birthplace of Renaissance painter Raffaello Sanzio). Ola produced a written feature on the local street art scene and its impact on the town’s artistic roots, accompanied by a photo essay. She also co-produced a documentary on the Morello Austera winery in nearby Cantiano.

For three years, Ola was passionately invested in her work as a Project Coordinator at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. She spearheaded the McMichael EnAbling Change Project, which was supported by the Government of Ontario. This project assisted the Canadian art landmark to develop and deliver accessible and inclusive art programs and increase community engagement. The final product is The Art of Inclusion, a guide with seven steps to assist other arts and cultural organizations in their development of similar programming. The publication is archived in the Legislative Library of Ontario. The concepts were presented at the 2014 Ontario Museums Association Conference and the project played a vital role in receiving the 2015 Vaughan Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award in the Accessibility category.

She is currently pursuing her role as a publicist in the music industry, representing a multitude of artists from Canada and around the world. Ola believes music is a calling, as it is a part of her everyday life in various capacities. When she’s not running press days (or to-and-from venues across the city), she continues to pursue her passion for storytelling through her platform, Sonic Fold, and The Fold Podcast, highlighting people and organizations that cultivate commUNITY in unique ways.

Ola holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Ryerson University. Her work can be read in Noisey by VICEHellboundExclaim!Post City Toronto and Large Up, amongst others.

Portrait © Frank Mazzuca, 2019

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