Andi Petrillo

Photo by Javier Lovera

“Success is being happy with your accomplishments, big or small.”

From living room to screen

Growing up, Andi Petrillo didn’t understand why her father spent Saturday nights watching men pass a puck back and forth on television. Now, he watches her on CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada. Raised by Italian immigrants, hockey became a “tradition in the household” and ultimately gave the Petrillo family a “Canadian identity.”

Versatility is key

During the 2012 NHL Lockout, Petrillo felt “crushed.” She says that, “For someone covering the sport, this iconic brand, you’re a little miffed that you can’t fulfill that.” Yet, it presented a new wave of opportunity for Petrillo to cover cross-country skiing with first-hand experience. “I swear I was out there for two hours but it was only twenty minutes,” she says of the challenge. “It gave me more of an appreciation and opened my eyes to other sports.”

Petrillo studied Broadcast Journalism at Seneca College/York, covering everything from politics to local news. That changed when her radio instructor noticed her passion for sports. “I back up my work. I do research. I have my contacts,” she says. “The minute you open your mouth and know what you’re talking about, you’re for real.”

Real life

In 2010, Petrillo traveled to Afghanistan to host a Default concert for Canadian troops. She reveled as the audience was “getting a break from the grind” of 24/7 war. But when the reporter and crew witnessed injured Afghan children at a nearby hospital, reality set in. Petrillo didn’t shy from delving into core issues – Journey to Afghanistan is a 30-minute documentary that captures the experience, which she shot and edited herself.

Learning from the pros

Petrillo has watched athletes prepare with “so much dedication, discipline and focus.” She applies these elements of practice before she goes on air. “The day that I don’t feel like doing it is the day I should push myself even more.”


Catch Andi on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada this fall or follow her @andipHNIC

This piece was first published in the Fall 2013 issue of CHLOE Magzine


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