Rose Reisman

Photo by Javier Lovera

“Success is waking up every morning, loving what you do and not thinking you’ve ever worked a day in your life.”

The “Art of Living Well” is not a formula, but a philosophy

Opt for a Citrus Salmon Superbowl at the Pickle Barrel or discover a recipe for healthy chocolate cake. Thank nutritional guru Rose Reisman. She believes that “eating well isn’t about deprivation,” and is constantly searching for dishes both flavourful and healthy. Her Choose It And Lose It concept compares counter intuitive menu items from restaurant franchises and is a resource for real people on the go. “Life is such that we’re all going to end up in a fast food restaurant at some point during the week.” Reisman often finds salads that are twice the fat and calories than burgers and shares her collations on CityTV’s Breakfast Television, CityLine and in her daily Metro News column.

Palatable pages

With a roster of 19 books this fall, Reisman didn’t always write about health-conscious eats. In the 90s, the avid jogger was filling pages with decadent recipes, but her “cholesterol was off the Richter scale.” This inspired her to publish Rose Reisman’s Enlightened Home Cooking in 1996. It sold 75,000 copies in Canada with proceeds donated the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Fueling the cause

Rose Reisman Catering sponsored the 2013 Weekend To End Women’s Cancers, providing a total of 7,000 lunches in partnership with Pickle Barrel. Yet, the Art of Living Well truly shines at Glow Fresh Grill. The unique restaurant in Toronto’s Shops at Don Mills features a menu with Reisman’s light, seasonal picks.

Fall feasts

Reisman considers sweet potatoes “candy food” and tops her turkey breast with a cranberry apricot salsa. This season, she is boasting about a newfound favourite: Brussels sprouts. “I roast them in the oven with bell peppers and Parmesan cheese. They’re outstanding!”

Watch Rose Reisman “Choose It and Lose It” weekday mornings on Breakfast Television.

This piece was first published in the Fall 2013 issue of CHLOE Magazine


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